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Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

                                                                                                          William Butler Yeats

Education with a particular focus on English literature and writing has long been my passion. I believe that not everyone learns in the same way. I spent most of my teaching years at St Dominic’s School having been employed there as Head of the English Department and as a Senior English teacher preparing students in Grade 12, their final year of school, from 1993- 2020. During my time there I experimented with a great variety of approaches in order to make teaching vital, and to ignite a love of learning in students. Covid -19 has forever transformed the educational landscape, leading to the development of hybrid systems and purely online schools. I feel as if I learnt an enormous amount in being a part of this revolutionary wave in education. It is with great interest and excitement that I am now embracing online approaches to education in the hope of being able to make a difference and keep the flame of learning alive in hearts and minds, in new spaces and in new ways. It makes it possible for me to offer poetry courses and Shakespeare courses online that may supplement current studies or may fulfill an educational interest.

While teaching at St Dominic’s I was also invited to head up and develop a performance management system across three schools. This was an interesting experience. For me the heart of the process was once again educational – the process of teaching and learning simply from a different angle. The process has been much debated in business forums and considerable research helped to construct a product with which we were all happy. It is a process that I intend to write about in the near future. 

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